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Our key principles are Fairness, Ability, Creativity, Trust and that's a F.A.C.T.

We would love to see your work, we promise we will respect your copyright and to get right back to you with our decision, but we do not offer a critique (who are we to do that?). We supply children's illustration, pattern, seasonal and decorative images to art buyers worldwide. You simply need to have something our clients are looking for and you need to be professional, reliable, fast, commercial, or have a library of work ready to go.

We take 30-35% for commissioned work and there are no costs to you. Also we try and get more for jobs than you would direct.

You can keep your own clients and work with us as little or as much as you like. We have 200 artists on our lists so we seem huge but some of our group are specialists e.g. only provide us with really good flower art or calligraphy for

greetings or are very good abstract artists. Others though are versatile and have a multitude of styles; some work with us on and off for years and look upon us as a client rather than an agent; some rely on us to send their children through school and pay the mortgage. Please refer to the about us section for an overview of our ethos and what differentiates Advocate Art from other agencies.

Please submit your work in jpg format for consideration to

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Edward Burns
Managing Director