Children's book illustrators

It is simply not enough to be a great artist agency with like minded children’s book artists and Illustrators…

That’s why our strategy at Advocate Art is to be amazing resource for children’s book content as well -

Great available Art


Great available Artists

It means- presenting you with work that you can use, from artists you can use! One client described us as a pictorial literary agency.. maybe that’s it.

We know Art Buyers can get art and hire artists from numerous web portals these days, so why go to an agency? We hear there are several reasons for them doing so. For example, they have no idea whether the work they find online has been copied or previously published, or whether the artist is easy to work with, or even if the artist is free to work.

Our strategy is to reinforce why clients go to us for children’s book work, stressing the fact that Advocate Artists are pre- vetted, diva-free and that the work is genuine and often ready to go. Plus the agents are here to help manage everything and be a fast resource for them!

We will update you through all our marketing over the year. For example, we will send postcards of Available Art, feature it separately on the site and of course I, your agent will update you personally.

Each year, in May and November, two portfolios targeted towards the children’s book industry are released. (Two portfolios targeted towards the art licensing industry are also released in March and September. )

Each release highlights the new, available work that our Artist has produced with art direction and feed back from us. This would be a great time to meet!

We also launch specific portfolios, including ‘Bright and Beautiful’ intended for mid-market styles, ‘Clever Clogs’ which is a non-fiction, new comic, portfolio and even one for ‘Colouring-In’ books.

To cover Licensing, we produce a Puzzle folio, Greeting’s Cards and Art Poster folios, among others.