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Steve Burgess Freelance Illustrator in the wilds of Scotland November 1 2010

Meet the artists

Advocate’s Acclaimed wildlife artist Steve Burgess recently faced a tough assignment in the wilds of Scotland – and got a taste of showbiz into the bargain! Filming with Monty Halls for the BBC, Steve was asked to to paint the wonderful Red Deer during the rutting season on the Isle of Ronay in the Outer Hebrides.

The painting ‘The King of Ronay’, was auctioned to help with fundraising for a conservation project that friend and former Royal Marine Monty Halls had set up whilst filming his ‘Great Escape’ earlier this year.Braving the scottish weather, Steve spent a week gathering material for thepainting, capturing the majestic stag as it bellows in the early morning light. He was also lucky enough to spot a golden eagle and sea otters – so can we hope for more inspiration for his brush from his time in Scotland?

Steve’s passion for wildlife means he travels frequently to Africa to paint magnificent but endangered animals in their natural habitat. But you don’t have to be an elephant, tiger or even ‘Monarch of the Glen’ to catch his eye – Steve has also painted wonderful studies of amongst others, the humble dormouse, and his robins are second to none.

To see more of his work please visit his online portfolio here