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Diego Gisbert Biography December 11 2010

Meet the artists

Diego Gisbert is a Fantasy Artist represented by Advocate Art, illustration agency. He has been inspired form the moment he was born, taking his love of drawing from the magic of the 80’s, with all those cartoons, comics and movies. This probably meant he started drawing before he could read and so the passion lives on.

Most of Diego’s personal work is completed in traditional media yet nearly all of his professional work is created digitally, as he loves to work for videogames, miniature companies, card games and many other fantasy/sci-fi projects.

Diego loves learning new things and follows the philosophy ‘ the more you lives the more you learn (and the better your painting gets!)’. He tries to say yes to all new experiences, especially those involving sport adventures and nature. He also loves cats. “Everything is better with a cat on your lap”.