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Hannah Wood Biography January 1 2011

Meet the artists

Hannah Wood is a Brtish artist, born in Rugby. She moved and subsequently grew up in both Holland and Norway, now she has settled back within the UK in Rutland and took her firsts breaths on earth the same year as the astronauts took their first breaths on the moon, she will let you work it out!

Hannah is a self-taught artist specialising in children’s illustrations, describing her style as cute and friendly and influenced by the childhood magazine “Jinty” and also by her father.

She uses both the traditional painting methods for her illustrations and computer software. Her illustrative work has featured in large marketing campaigns for the holiday company Thomas Cook.

Alongside caring for her pet, a large cat named Harry, Hannah enjoys to collect vintage 1950s packaging and if she had not become an illustrator, shes she would be teaching as we speak!

Preferring to spend her time in the countryside rather than the city, Hannah’s favourite film is The Women (1939) and likes to watch comedy whilst working on her illustrations.