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Trends for 2011 January 19 2011

Advice and call outs

This year Advocate Art has designed mood boards in order to brief our artists, depicting trends that are emerging in 2o11.Advocate sends it’s agents out to search the shops for trend indicators, uncovering new looks that are going to be huge in 2011-12. We have broken them down in to the following categories;

Highland: deer, tartan, craft
Pink and Blue / contemporary cute: kitsch, japanese characters, soft, foamy graphics
Peacock Jewel: feathers, jewels, rich opulent colours, geometric, metallic
Vintage pink: soft pink, hard edge graphics and stencil
Charming souvenir: 1950s, ice-cream colours, lemon yellow
Nostalgia: tourist souvenirs, flags (especially union jack), city landmarks (especially eiffel tower)
Candy-cane / red and white: red and white, minimal, laser-cut, intricate
Fluffy fawn: white on white, natural, wood/feather/fluffy textures