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Bill Hornbostel Exhibits at The Artist Project March 23 2012

Meet the artists

One of Advocate art’s newest photographers Bill Hornbostel has recently exhibited his work at The Artist Project in Toronto, Canada. The Artist Project is a big annual show and art sale, featuring around 200 artists. It provides independent artists with a professional platform to showcase and sell their work, attracting high quality art buyers, curators and collectors. It has been running for five years and showcases art mediums including oils, acrylic, glass, mixed media, textiles, sculpture, digital media, glass and photography; to find out more about the show click here to visit their website. Below you can find out more about Bill and visit his page on The Artist Project website by clicking here.

Bill came to photography through a roundabout route. He took some art courses in college, but his main interest in art lay with oil painting and charcoal drawing; the use of the camera was only a minor hobby. Though still a hobby, photography steadily came to eclipse other media. The digital revolution in photography unshackled him from some of the limitations of film, and occasional travel photography gave way to more experimentation and better equipment. It finally overwhelmed his (very brief) stint in a PhD program in ancient history, and Bill is now working fulltime on his exploration of photography.