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Big Up for Christine Tappin! March 29 2012


At Advocate we really love to hear when our illustrators and clients are working well together. So imagine how happy we were to hear about this message sent to our artist Christine Tappin. Have a look on the Advocate website to see more of Christine’s work.

We’re so pleased that you’ve enjoyed working on the project, and that it’s proven to be such a good learning experience for you! Also I have to say how impressed I am that even though you were in loads of pain with your neck and arm, you always met deadlines and never complained to us about it but found ways of improving the situation and helping it get better :) We work with some artists who are always asking for more time due to pretty minor issues so the fact that you dealt with something that really impacted your work, so well and professionally, is fantastic!

I’m really glad you’re almost back to normal now – I do a lot of pilates too, I love it :)

Thanks for being so lovely and easy to work with, you’ve made the project a pleasure to do – hopefully we can work together again soon, as your work is really loved by everyone here!