Polona Lovsin Biography Jun 01 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like you to meet freelance illustrator Polona Lovsin. Her vivid and imaginative imagery transports the viewer to different lands, a perfect fit for children's fiction. Read on to learn more about Polona, or see more of her work in her portfolio on the Advocate website. I was born on the 10th June 1973 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As a child I spent most of the time in small village on a farm with my grandmother and grandfather. I played with cats, chickens and other farm animals. When I went to school I become more of a city girl. I spend most of my time at my desk drawing. I became a mother in 1999 and now have 2 wonderful daughters. When I was a child, my father frequently travelled around Europe, so I always asked him to bring me some color pencils or a pencil case. Later he started to bring me paints and I have wanted to be an artist since. I studied at Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana to become a painter. But my first daughter was born soon after finishing studies - so I tried illustration. My drive lies in the need to draw and paint something beautiful. And I’ve been doing it since forever. My main influence is my first daughter - I started to draw for her and then for some children magazines. The first most important thing in my work process is natural light - my working desk is in a living room in front of a huge window, with a view over the roofs and a forest in distance. I don’t like working during the night. If I have to - I’ll do some roughs or character studies. Secondly are emotions - the essence of my animal or children characters. They all have to be soft like you would like to hug them. The third are thinking about decorative elements - this allows me to achieve well considered colour combinations. When I work with books, I always remember that it is a flow of events and expressions, the method I employ to convey this is dynamic movie-like framing and varied spread composition. Every book is new challenge for me. Every new character brings new joy. Since I have done so many with bears – I’ve acquired nick name: Mother Bear. When people ask about my career, I tell them that I will never grow up,... I’m just a little girl doing what makes me happy and fulfills my curiosity. I exhibit all around the world, from Bologna and Bratislava in Europe to Japan, Iran, Argentina, and others. I’m a member of very interesting group of illustrators Blue Book group, that exhibits worldwide. I was also a part of the jury last year.