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Colin Ashcroft biography June 26 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like to introduce new artist Colin Ashcroft. We think his atmospheric work would be perfect for young fiction and sci-fi illustration. Read on to learn more about colin or see more of his work by visiting his portfolio on the Advocate website.

I was born and evolved in the Northern Western territories  of England, Manchester. Growing up in the 1980’s on monster /sci-fi and fantasy movies and their innovative special effects! I also worked as a lab technician in the School of Animal, Marine and Plant biology. These were fascinating times which when combined would give rise to an endless if not sometimes crazy imagination! This can prove very useful as an illustrator/concept artist!

I mainly work with Photoshop and sometimes good old pencil and paper! When time permits, you might find me oil painting at the top of a mountain, or in a stuffy life model study session.

I have a BA (hons) in Illustration with Animation. During my second year I went on an exchange to Belgium. Here I studied oil painting the life model and was flung over the shoulder of a female Flemish Gaul warrior….my girlfriend! I now live amongst Hobbits and suffer from reverse altitude sickness!