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Marcello Corti Biography October 30 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like to tell you a little bit more about greetings card illustrator Marcello Corti. His fantastic Father Christmas paintings and atmospheric festive scenes make him a hugely popular christmas card illustrator and his Santa Claus illustrations are very in demand. Check out more of his gorgeous yuletide designs and more in his portfolio on the Advocate Art illustration agency website, or read on to learn a little more about his life…




I was born in 1961 in Bergamo, a beautiful medieval town in northern Italy known for being the home to artists including Caravaggio.

I am descended from a family of artists, painters, sculptors and poets, since childhood I have been instructed in the art of drawing and painting by my uncle painter Tullio Petteni, who also nurtured in me a passion for photography, which was my main profession for about 30 years. 

I have always worked with the images as a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, combining my experiences in various fields from paper, pagination, to advertising and design.

In 1988 I discovered the computer graphics into which I poured all my experiences, I developed the first system for coloring comics with just a PC, I have taught courses in computer graphics and I have worked with various advertising agencies in Milan.

To be more independent and spend more time with my family, illustration has been my main job, which gives me the amazing opportunity to work at home.

I perform my work with my trusty MacBookPro and Wacom tablet with Photoshop and a series of brushes that I created to simulate the various techniques such as watercolor, oil, pencil, charcoal etc.

I am happy that I can continue to make works of art as my ancestors did, even with the use of modern means.