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Liza Lewis Biography December 10 2013

Meet the artists

Introducing today’s feature artist Liza Lewis one of Advocate Art’s popular greeting card and children’s book artists we thought it high time that she had a feature on our new blog. Liza has a winning balance of texture and colour combination which makes her work stand out from the crowd.

Liza Lewis is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator based in Southampton. she has over 5 years experience in the industry and has worked creatively in-house and freelance. She recently branched into illustration work for children’s books and games as well as the gift and greeting card industry and has produced illustrations for cards, posters/canvas prints as well as a variety of patterns for gift-wrap and home furnishings.

She gets loads of inspiration from her family, dog, animals, toys, music, art, fabrics and plants (anything really!) She has a particular interest in children’s illustration and enjoys creating new and exciting characters. she has a passion for children’s design and enjoys infusing her work with colour, creativity and fun.