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Inky Blue April 15 2015

Meet the artists

Today we’re taking a masterclass in creating the perfect photograph with one of our very talented photographers, Daphne Sneddon!

You can see more of her beautiful photos in her online portfolio.

I joined Advocate in early 2012 as a photographer. Originally I was (and still am) a painter, but through taking photographs as records to paint from later, I gradually became drawn to photography.

I am self-taught through trial and error, lots of reading and my photographer husband patiently explaining the technicalities (f.stops, shutter speeds etc….).

We live in Suffolk, near the coast and love walking there, also on the nearby marshes and in the countryside. These are the places I gain inspiration from – I love images with atmosphere, peaceful early morning landscapes, back lighting, delicate flower petals, frosted plants and the solitude of winter beaches – in fact anything to do with nature. I was born in Suffolk (living in a cottage on the edge of a Common), so some of my earliest memories are of roaming over the Common and learning the names of the wild flowers there.

Now I’m trying out the almost infinite possibilities of Photoshop and Lightroom (which add other levels of creativity) and while I’m trying to master these, I like to listen to Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Emili Sande and Ed Sheeran.

When I don’t have a paint brush or camera in my hands, I can be found visiting vintage and junk shops, ferreting home objects and material, which will probably end up in one of my photographs.


About ‘Inky Blue’ …

After receiving an email from Ed letting me know a client had expressed interest in my ‘Misty Lane’ image on Advocate Art. He suggested that removing a dead tree on the left and changing to pastel shades. (Pic 2) After a couple of attempts the picture seemed to lose depth and contrast with the soft colours, so Ed suggested ‘Inky Blue’!

Once again, Adobe Lightroom was used, first of all to convert the original to black/white, removing the dead tree at this stage. (Pic 4)

Split Toning was used to change the shadow detail to the dark blue, leaving the highlights alone. I did try to change the highlights to a pink shade, but it altered the look of the big dominant tree on the right. (Pic 5)

The Graduated Filter was used to pick a mid-tone pink and was dragged into the centre of the picture from the top left corner.

The overall look was then tweaked using the Tone controls to get the finished look. (Pic 6).