Artist Feature - Charlie Hadfield Feb 07 2017

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We're so excited to announce that Charlie Hadfield is now an Advocate artist! Specialising in adorably designed images, she is perfect for greeting card designs, we're sure that she will make a fantastic addition to the Advocate family and we can't wait to see what's next. To find more of Charlie's work visit her Advocate portfolio.

"As a child I was always drawn to pictures full of wonder, colour, and friendly characters. In my work I try to recreate images that resemble this. My love for art and design had never faded growing up, so I went on to study Graphic Design at university, playing with typography, illustration, animation, layout and much more. I soon realised my love for illustration and have been mad about it ever since. 

When it comes to inspiration I often draw it from my surroundings, so I spend a lot of time traveling, finding new places and experiencing different cultures to inspire my work. I particularly love animals and nature, you can often find me at the local zoo doodling and taking pictures or feeding the squirrels and ducks at my local nature park. 

Even though I create work for a lot of different age groups, it often has some youthful elements in there, as I’m a big kid at heart ! I get excited about pushing my boundaries and love experimenting with mark making to create unique textures which has allowed me to develop a fun illustrative style which compromises both hand made and digital elements. I love texture, so I generally try and bring this into my designs as I feel this adds a 3D feel which I think brings my illustrations to life. 

When I’m not working I channel my creative energy into my other love photography ! You can always find me with my camera, snapping sunrises and sunsets and its not out of the ordinary for me to get up at unheard of hours of the morning for the perfect shot, the world is so peaceful at this time and I feel it helps refresh my mind. But of course most of my photos do involve animals as I just love them !

I work from home in my tiny little studio with poppy, my pup at my feet and a good 80’s playlist playing in the background. Growing up I never dreamed I could bring my imagination to life for a living. Im very passionate about the work and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing."