Artist Feature - Ieuan Protheroe Feb 07 2017

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We're so excited to announce that Ieuan Protheroe is now an Advocate artist! Ieuan's ability to create humorous yet detailed characters make him perfect for 5 years to young adult. We're sure that he will make a fantastic addition to the Advocate family and we can't wait to see what's next. To find more of Ieuan's work visit his Advocate portfolio.

"My name is Ieuan Protheroe and I'm a professional Illustrator and designer, currently living and working in London. I'm originally from Wales and studied 2D animation and design in Cardiff Glamorgan University. 

Being an Illustrator in this wonderful industry, I have had the chance to work on many lovely projects over the years. I have also worked as a designer in the animation industry for the best part of my career. In the past I have worked with studios such as Nexus Productions, Karrot Animation, SixteenSouth and last but not least Nickelodeon.

Drawing is my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything. Creating new worlds and characters are my specialities. In my spare time I love playing my ukulele and reading all sorts of lovely books. I also on occasion go out walking in the countryside and enjoy taking photos of animals."