Artist feature - Damián Zain Mar 22 2017

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Newly signed artist Damián Zain recently joined Advocate and suffice to say we're thrilled! Damián's action packed scenes and adorable animal characters make his art perfect for audiences from the 5 years to young adult age range. To see more of his entertaining work, please visit his online portfolio.

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1974, which is where I sill live. From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be a artist. I grew up admiring great cartoonists like Quino, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Guillermo Divitio, Alberto Uderzo, Carlos Nine and many, many more !!!

I learned a lot from Ruben Albarracín (my uncle), an artist also from Buenos Aires - he guided me through my first steps. Then, at age 14, I took comic classes with Oswal at Carlos Garaycochea's drawing school.

I work with a children's' audience in  mind and I love to add a great dose of humour to each piece. My colour work is digital but I prefer to use traditional pencil and paper for the initial sketches.

I usually like to draw while listening to music and my dog, Dorothy, leaves me alone if I start to sing. She does not have very good musical taste I guess!"