Artist feature – Darren Gate Mar 22 2017

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We're happy to announce that newly signed artist Darren Gate will be bringing his illustration talent to Advocate Art! Darren's humorous illustrations and quirky characters make him perfect for an audience from 5 years to young adult. If you'd like to see more, please visit his online children's illustration portfolio. In his own words:

"I first began drawing when I was very young; my early efforts focussed almost entirely on the adventures of heroic slugs and snails. Since then I've tried to be a bit more diverse! My biggest illustration heroes include Tony Ross, John Burningham, Shirley Hughes and Quentin Blake to name a few.

I have quite a few different ways I like to draw but by far my favourite is to sketch out my ideas in pencil, pen or ink, scan these into my computer, where I start adding colour, texture and anything else that happens along the way. I also originally studied Graphic Design which I believe has had a big influence on my drawn typography and the way I lay out my illustrations.

Outside of drawing I have two pet parrots that tend to take up quite a lot of time and make quite a lot of noise. If I wasn't an artist I think I would be a teacher, and if I couldn't be a teacher I'd probably have to be a parrot whisperer."