Artist feature – Ferdinando Batistini Mar 22 2017

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We're always on the hunt for talented new artists to add to our ranks here at Advocate, and Ferdinando Batistini is a great example of this! His masterful caricatures and expressive creatures make him perfect for 5 years to young adult as well as older and real styles. We're so pleased Ferdinando has joined us, and if you'd like to see more of his illustrative work, please visit his Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in 1988 in a little farm located in the Tuscan countryside where I grew up between cows, sheep, vineyards and woods!

Since I was very young, I started drawing things I liked from cartoons, comic books and video games; but I never thought it possible to make this my profession.

After many years of working in farming, in the 2012, I decided to change my lifestyle and I moved to Florence to study art. (Yep, I never studied art before that!) Here I attended the entertainment design course at the NEMO Academy where I had the pleasure of knowing many important artists like Bobby Chiu, Stephen Silver, Marcelo Vignali and many others.

So I finished the e-design course in the 2015 and I won 2 scholarships as one of the best student in my course. Now I continue to improve my abilities working as a freelance illustrator (and as a part time pizzaiolo) and one day I would like to work as a concept artist, maybe for an important studio.

But my main goal is to be free to express what I want through my drawings. I want to share with other people how I see the world, how I see certain things and point out the details that others leave out. I like animals, trees, walking in the nature, listening to good music, laughing, movies and video games. I dislike big cities, crowded places and centipedes!"