Artist feature - Pedro A. Alberto Apr 04 2017

Latest signings

We recently signed talented new artist Pedro A. Alberto (you may have seen his work featured on our email signatures!) and it goes without saying we're thrilled to see him joining Advocate! His drawing style can appeal to a wide range of audiences, which is why we think he'd be best suited for the 0 to 5 years age range or 5 years to young adult. If you're interested in seeing more of his work, please visit his Advocate portfolio. In his own words:

"I really never planned on becoming an illustrator. Not sure why, because I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, took art lessons as a child, and I have never stopped drawing, no matter what, throughout my whole life. And yet I ended up working as an engineer for a decade, during which I realized two things: how much I disliked engineering and how much I liked drawing! Eventually, the opportunity arose and I took it: I took a radical turn in my life and followed my dream. I am happy now, I live in a small town in Cantabria (in the north of Spain), and I do what I really love to do.

I usually sketch and draw with pencils, and then apply colour digitally. But I do not stick to one specific way of doing things, as I love experimenting and I am always trying new stuff.

In my free time I like hanging out with my wonderful family and playing board games whenever I can. Also, it would be nice to become the avid reader I used to be again… if I ever find the time!"