Artist feature - Karina Lemesheva Apr 23 2017

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Moscow based artist Karina Lemesheva recently joined Advocate Art, and she brings a lot to the table! Karina's delightful illustrations employ muted, warm palettes and often feature characters with a cuteness that's infectious, which is why she'd be perfect for the 0-5 age group. To see more of Karina's lovely work, please visit her Advocate portfolio.

"Karina was born in 1987 in one of the provinces of Russia and now lives in Moscow. Her grandmother was an artist. She painted big canvases, and Karina watched her. Karina studied at a children's art school. She then studied at the Art College in the Faculty of Animation. Her inspirations are her friends and books. She thinks her work is funny and a little crazy. She makes sketches on paper and colours them in using Photoshop.

When someone asks Karina about her career, she is proud to answer that she’s an illustrator. She loves to take pictures, she loves to cook and she loves animals so much! She has two cats and a dog. If Karina were not an artist, she would become an interpreter. Her favorite book is “Of Mice and Men”. She cannot create art without music. She is a music lover!"