Artist feature - Giulia Iacopini Apr 24 2017

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Giulia Iacopini has recently joined the Advocate team and we're over the moon! Giulia's illustrations feature adorable children and equally adorable animals (with often very expressive faces) which would make her perfect for the 0-5 age range. If you'd like to see more of her work, we urge you to visit her Advocate portfolio. A bit more about her below:

"Giulia was born in Rome in 1993 and, while she’s dreaming of living somewhere near the ocean, she’s still living in good old Rome. She loves traveling around the world, but since traveling can be pretty expensive, she likes to travel with her mind through her art.

She has drawn since she can remember and will never forget the moment she realised that ‘drawing’ could be an actual job. Giulia attended the Institute of Art and the International School of Comics, trying to get as good as she can and she constantly endeavors to improve.

If you can hear songs and the snoring of her black Labrador coming from her room, you’ll know that she’s completely immersed in a new illustration. Each work she creates is like a new adventure and she just hopes that you’ll love each one as much as she enjoys creating them!"