Artist feature - Katie Perez May 10 2017

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At Advocate, we love finding new talent, nurturing it and helping it blossom and newly signed Katie Perez is a perfect example! We first met Katie in our New York office back in February and in the following months we've been briefing her on new work to help develop her folio and it's clearly paid off. Katie brings a lot to the table, and her cards feature cute critters and lovely loopy type - we're excited to see how our clients receive them! If you'd like to see more of Katie's work, please visit her Advocate portfolio

"I was born in Jersey City and grew up in the suburbs of NJ. I moved back to Jersey City, conveniently close to NYC, in 2015. I went to Syracuse University and graduated with a BFA in illustration. Right out of school I was fortunate enough to get a design job, working on packaging for gift items. In 2015, I went freelance and never looked back. I like to think my work is very simple but fun, using shape to bring out the texture of watercolor.

My general rule of thumb is to make things that make people smile. If I wasn't an artist, my pipe dream job would probably be a travel blogger. I listen to a lot of creative - and business- inspiration podcasts while I work, a couple of my favorites being Being Boss and The Accidental Creative podcasts. They really help me get in the zone."