New artist feature - Silvana Benaghi Jun 13 2017

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Here at Advocate we love finding talented illustrators from all over the globe, and Buenos Aires based Silvana Benaghi certainly fits that description! Silvana's work often depicts sweet children and adorable animal characters, which would make her work perfect for 0-5 publishing. Want to see more (of course you do!)? Visit her online Advocate folio here.

"Silvana was born in Argentina in the 1970’s. She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, for any publisher who will provide a space for her illustrations. As a child, Silvana was inseparable from her companions, the pencil and paper. Later she went on to study Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires - where she discovered illustration as a means of communicating ideas. She acquired the tools and knowledge to be able to generate her own style of work. For Silvana, illustration is the art of conquering the blank space, allowing the imagination to flow and contributing to the richness of the text. The importance lies in the detail.

She always begins by creating a diagram of the plan, deciding how every illustration will compliment each page. Her work doesn’t have a firm sketch stage, since her fundamental contribution is digital. She likes the freedom that working digitally brings, as it allows her to change and add what is necessary to give the work more fluidity. Her path to creativity is a constant challenge with no set end goal. Throughout her career, Silvana has received several awards for her illustration work and is a member of the Argentine Drawing Association. She always shows her drawings to her daughters first – they always say it how it is!"