Artist feature - Sahar Haghgoo Jul 07 2017

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We're jubilant to be able to announce that talented new artist Sahar Haghgoo will be joining the Advocate team! Her enigmatic characters, bright palette and complex scenes make her work perfect for publishing, specifically for readers from the ages of 0-5. Interested in seeing more of her work? Visit her online folio!

"I was born in Rasht in the north of Iran in 1981. I love painting and drawing when I was child, and was always inspired by my dreams and visions. When I grew up I decided to follow my dreams and thus studied art. I graduated from the University of Tehran with an MA in Illustration in 2009, although I'd been working part time since 2002.

Now I live in London with my partner and our little daughter, who always inspires me. I like to do calligraphy, and new media and techniques are always a joy to try to incorporate into my work. I love experimenting with different materials such as  gouache, acrylic and other techniques such as collage and stamping. All of these come together in the end as a digital file on my computer. I love learning new things in my profession and am always looking for ways to improve.

Besides art, I love vegetables and plants. I love to cook and I'd say I'm pretty good at it! I also enjoy reading, mountain climbing and traveling. I hope to have a restaurant in future with a lot of imaginative cuisines."