Artist Feature - Yingying Jiang Jul 17 2017

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Advocate Art is happy to present the artwork of newly-signed illustration artist,Yingying Jiang.  Her fantastical characters are brought to life through her realistic illustrations which are great for older readers, ages 12 and up . To see more examples of her work, check out her online Advocate portfolio.

"Yingying is a self-taught artist with an overactive imagination and propensity for daydreaming. After graduating with a science degree from the University of Oxford and spending the next seven years working in Japan, she realised her true passion for art could not be stemmed and made the stomach-plummeting leap from hobby to career.

She works mostly with digital painting and describes her natural style as semi-realistic. As a Chinese-British national, she is interested in combining western and eastern influences in her art, as well as exploring environment and character design with an emphasis towards fantasy and sci-fi.  She finds endless inspiration in the beauty of nature, as well as from creative geniuses including Hayao Miyazaki, John William Waterhouse, and Ludovico Einaudi.

Outside of art, she enjoys working on her young adult novel, tinkling away at the piano, and seeking out the best afternoon teas in the land."