Artist Feature - Angie Pik Jan 30 2018

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Colombian children's book illustrator, Angie Pik has recently joined our team! Through her illustrations, Angie always manages to express a great deal of emotion, making her work great for young adult readersAngie's passion for animation is made evident through her highly detailed, expressive and beautifully rendered illustrations. She's excited to take on new projects so if you're interested in commissioning her, feel free to touch base with one of our spectacular illustration agents! 

"Angie Pik was born (and still lives) in Bogotá, Colombia. Since she was a child, she has enjoyed film productions, especially animations. In them she found support and emotion; in fact she discovered that she could better understand the world through them.  On bad days, she thought "I want people not to feel alone, or feel support through my work" and so she decided to get involved in the world of illustration and animation. She began to draw and improve by observing many great references and also learning about art history. She had classes in illustration techniques, anatomy and cinematography.

During her travels, Angie has found spectacular artists who inspire her to improve, including Leo Espinosa, Lorena Álvarez and Alejandro Mesa, who are her compatriots; Gop Gap, Satoe Tone, Lissy Marlin, Rafael Mayani, Yuko Shimizu, among many others.  Angie is very passionate about illustration, cinema, animation, music, ice cream, chocolate and animals - she thinks that if she were not an illustrator, she would have dedicated her life to animals! 

Angie wants to close this biography with her philosophy on life: We have no choice but to keep trying, but this time try it with a lot of love."

Angie Pik was discovered by our fabulous agents at our UK based children's illustration agency.  She is a highly skilled illustrator with experience in animation, making her a fantastic choice for your next picture book or young fiction book series! Don't hesitate to reach out to your Advocate agent if you have a project in mind for Angie.  You can see more of her spectacular illustrations at her online Advocate artist portfolio.