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Childrens Illustration

Advocate Art Children’s Book Publishing:

Advocate Art represent some amazing Children’s book illustrators:

childrens booksChildren’s picture books (0-5 years)
Children’s Book Artist folios and collections suitable for board books and novelty based, bedtime reading and read along. Soft or edgy styles, cute, pastel, watercolor and digital books. Kids books include farmyard, jungle, bible stories, fairytale and princesses galore!

Artists include Alejandra Fernandez, Alida Massari, Alison Edgson and many more.

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Childrens illustrationYoung fiction (5 years to young adult)
Children’s Artist folios and collections suitable for Fiction – 5 yr olds +, early readers, language teaching and school books, learn at home, ethnic, Spanish illustrators, mostly cartoon, some graphic novel and line work. Manga, cartoon network and more grown – up. Great illustration for boys as well.

Artists include Aaron Jay Randyotter, Alvaro Fernandez Villa, Amerigo Pinelli, and many more.

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kids illustrationNon fiction books (older and real styles)
Childrens Artist folios and collections that combine 3 areas – adult illustration, book cover art and great reference artists – photomontage, 3d, fashion, typography, characters, figurative, soldiers, dinosaurs, wildlife and trucks. Illustration for editorial and design. Making the impossible possible.

Artists include Agis Agisilaou, Albert Gruswitz, Alex Pang and many more.

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