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Our theory of evolution

We are not really sure when our company birthday is.

The idea of Advocate evolved from one big idea, to have an agent but not to be like one. In 1990 Ed started out as a freelancer. In 1992 the studio merged together as a co-operative. In 1995 the company was incorporated and in 1999 the site was launched.

In 1996 we wrote down our four FACTs. Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust.

Get Involved!

They say a company is founded on on big decision and lots of little ones, so this, the 20th year of F.A.C.T. we will enjoy marking it in many ways all aimed at helping us evolve further into the next 20.

We'd love to see your interpretations of the Darwin scale, tweet your images at #advocateevolve.


New agents

New Agents

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New Artists

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Same Principles