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Picture this…an art gallery that you don’t feel intimidated to walk into; where you don’t need to know anything

about the "art-world" but know what you like. I wanted to create an art gallery where clients are not ‘hit’ by a

sales person when they walk in, they can browse an exhibition and look for that perfect genuine piece of art that

they connect with at their own pace. At Advocate Gallery this is our mission and I believe we have achieved it.


We aim to be the premier gallery in Surrey specialising in the best of British contemporary fine art. We have

well established ties with those artists that we exhibit, so we are able to select the newest works from them first

and in turn offer these to our clients first. We are proud of the fact that we have launched several artist's careers

who are now enormously successful today. I am thrilled when my clients remark that not only does a piece continue

do give them great enjoyment, but they have learnt that it is now proving to be a healthy investment. We do not import

work, deal in reproductions or trade with mass market suppliers.


Unlike most luxury purchases that date and de-value as trends pass, if you choose wisely, art can work in exactly

the opposite way. We are happy to guide you through the process, or - just choose with your heart! Advocate

Gallery grew out of Advocate Art the leading artist agency, over 10 years ago but still benefits from the

association. The gallery is conveniently located on the A24 between Leatherhead and Epsom and close to Epsom Racecourse and the RAC Club. There is ample free parking and we have regular exhibitions, please come in and

find out more.


We look forward to welcoming you.


Caroline Burns - Partner


Advocate Art was founded by Edward Burns in 1992, we started out as an artist’s co-operative but have grown

into one of the world’s leading artist’s agencies. Please click on the website link to find out more about the agency

at: www.advocate-art.com


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