Owning a piece of original art that has been created for you is simply magical. We are very experienced

in arranging a commission for you, it's our business to get it right!


Capturing a moment on canvas and portraying a mood using the subtleties of an artist's technique means

you can have the ultimate gift or family treasure created exclusively for you.


Artists will always provide a sketch to enable you to confirm the composition, colour and texture you would

like your painting to have. Large scale commissions start from £900 upwards depending on the artist and

the size required. A 17" x 17" painting on board starts from £500.




Alec Macdonald


Alec Macdonald paints beautiful costal and park scenes. Supply a family photo and he will interpret this

into a picnic or beach scene. This example was painted from a family photo.


candice tate @ advocate gallery


Candice Tate


Candice Tait captures the wild energy and beauty of landscapes. This example was referenced from

clients photographs of their honeymoon in the alps.


Please either call: 01372 274068 for an informal chat or e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you.


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