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Morena Forza - Fairy-girl-and-tartan-dog Morena Forza Morena Forza MFO 176437 Available All Fairy-girl-and-tartan-dog Hal Halli - Spaniel In The Grass Hal Halli Hal Halli HAL 144904 Available All Spaniel In The Grass David Spink - Black Lab.JPG David Spink David Spink DVS 129157 / DVS 00401 available all Black Lab.JPG Richard Nicholls - RN-101218-5D-4775.jpg Richard Nicholls Richard Nicholls RNI 129097 / RNI 00357 available all RN-101218-5D-4775.jpg David Spink - Dog walk on beech.JPG David Spink David Spink DVS 128355 / DVS 00253 available all Dog walk on beech.JPG Geoff Carpenter - Flo in the grass.jpg Geoff Carpenter Geoff Carpenter GCR 125768 / GCR 00036 available all Flo in the grass.jpg