Agents For Illustrators


Our key principles are: Fairness, Ability, Creativity, Trust. and that's a F.A.C.T.

We would love to see your work. We promise we will respect your copyright and get right back to you with our decision, but know we do not offer folio critiques for declined submissions.

Advocate illustrators get jobs for children's book illustrations, seasonal and decorative images for publishers and art buyers worldwide. You simply need to have something our clients are looking for and you need to be professional, reliable, and have a clear place in the market.

Our projects land on many ‘Best Illustrated Book’ categories in leading book shops, top The New York Times Bestseller lists on numerous occasions, and land best-selling licensing awards on products selling on every street corner. We can get you to the top of the list as well, but don't just listen to us, we invite you to reach out to any of our represented illustrators directly.  We are confident they will say nice things. 

You will be represented by 16 agents working globally with 1,000 clients - that means we can find you business partners that love what you do, and quickly! Offices in LA, Singapore, London, Seville and New York - we have an international reach. 

There are no hidden costs for marketing etc. Our commission is 35%.

You can keep your own clients and work with us as little or as much as you like. We have only 300 artists on our list so if you do the math, that’s only 20 per agent - which gives you a personal, small agency feel. You will have an assigned Agent (who understands you) as your own personal contact - just like being with a boutique agency but with our unrivalled global reach, full time accounts and marketing teams, and top connections.

We generate over $12 million in sales for our artists and continue to grow in revenue each year. We understand that it's not all about the money, but we do have that base well covered.

Please refer to the ‘About Us’ section for an overview of our ethos and what differentiates Advocate Art from other agencies.

If you are interested in representation please submit a link to your portfolio or a collection of images to our partners at ITSme ([email protected]). ITSme works directly with our agents to select and sign our illustrators. Be sure to include the name of our agency in the subject line. We do not require CVs - just a link to your work or attach .jpeg!

To find out more about ITSme and our submission process, please visit:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our promise to you...

Advocate retains the finest principles drawn from our origin as an artist co-operative, which we believe sets us apart from other agencies. It is our pledge to you that we will maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves, particularly those of trust, fairness and creative art direction.

1. We will include your Works in mail outs to clients, national and international exhibitions and our website. This is at our cost.

2. Once your Work is ready for presentation (we will give guidance on this) it will be presented to our clients. Naturally, we will pass any feedback to you.

3. We will use reasonable efforts, during the Term of the Agreement, to find and conclude business arrangements for you with companies identified by us.

4. Advocate undertakes to you that it will endeavour to:
(a) Manage and oversee a Worldwide licensing marketing and sales program, promote, solicit, negotiate, implement licenses and sell the Work, as well as administer and manage relationships with licensees and art-buyers for the right to use the Work;
b) Use reasonable efforts during the Term to find and conclude business arrangements with the licensee(s), which in the reasonable good faith and opinion of Advocate, are most advantageous to you in terms of financing, manufacturing, marketing capabilities and furthering your personal ambitions including without limitation reviewing your position and reputation in the applicable industry;
(c) In conjunction with you, promote and market your work to retail, consumer and trade for the purpose of building positive reputation awareness within such channels;
(d) Negotiate on your behalf the business terms and conditions of the license agreement(s)using a formal license agreement, which shall be pre-approved by you as to form and contents each time and present license agreement(s) to you for review, approval and execution;

e) Monitor and oversee the licensing program with you to ensure that your fees, royalties, minimums and statements are promptly submitted, subject to and consistent with the terms of the Agreement; (f) Review licensee’s merchandise products and print output and complete and where possible all other artistic uses to ensure that they are in compliance with the quality control provisions of the license agreement(s) with the licensee(s).
(g) Collect all monies due under the agreements negotiated with the licensee(s) during the Term in a timely manner; and to have all credit control information available to the artist to review at request.
(h) In conjunction with you and subject to your approval, manage and direct the public relations, promotion, and advertising of the Work in relation to the overall merchandise licensing program hereunder;
(i) Present license agreements and contracts for approval, comment and signature and license merchandising property rights pursuant to such license agreements;
(j) Report to you on a regular basis and when requested, preferably at our offices, regarding the progress of the exploitation of the Works and the artist’s personal direction, including the marketing strategy, and, upon request, provide copies of all promotional material and copies of executed agreements with licensees, as well as supply style and artistic analysis with all representing agents.
(k) Police the market place for copyright, trademark, trade name, or service name infringement to the best of our ability and notify you of any copyright, trademark, trade name, or service name infringement and initiate letters to notify the manufacturer of infringement. Once we have sent, to the infringing party, a notification letter, we will hand the matter over to you to pursue if you wish. We cannot defend claims on your behalf following promotion of your work through your own media outlets.
(l) Share all information known to Advocate about you whether positive or not, including grievances, to the best of our knowledge; we will treat you with respect and as an equal individual, and we will be sympathetic to your issues.