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Annabel Spenceley

Annabel Spenceley

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Annabel's career began with a degree in Fashion, followed by a Masters in illustration (she hated sewing!). Her first job was in a publisher’s studio doing colouring books and encyclopaedias, which was good for general knowledge. Then she went freelance with children’s books. She accidentally got into greetings cards by agreeing to cover maternity leave for a friend and she loved it. Now she's getting back into book illustration again. She loves doing figures and animals, but does not love drawing bicycles. She prefers to work by being left alone with her pencils and paints and she likes the feel of actual paint and paper, incorporating the accidental into her work. For her, inspiration can come from anywhere, magazine snippings, TV, random animals, random things in general, cat videosView Full Bio

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Celebrating Diverse Characters

Nov 19 2021

We are proudly all different and embrace this in the characters our artists produce. The wolds our artists create are both rich and diverse, bold in design and a version of the society we live in today.