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Annalisa And Marina Durante

Annalisa And Marina Durante

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Annalisa and Marina Durante are twin sisters and nature and science illustrators. They have loved nature and animals ever since they were children and they enjoy illustrating portraits of animals and pets. Marina loves drawing, photography, deep water diving, and hiking. The photos she takes while exploring are the inspiration for their art and help her study the scientific details of animals and plants. Marina’s mission for their art is to excite viewers and disclose the real beauty of the Earth. Annalisa’s curiosity is delicate, and her exploration is intimate. She is also inspired by her interest in Eastern Philosophy. Annalisa says “By the Western culture I learned skills and from the Eastern one the inner silence, base of true listening and meeting with every creature”. Together, their work has been published all over the world and they have won prizes in naturalistic illustration contests.View Full Bio

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