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Archita Khosla

Archita Khosla

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Archita Khosla is a traditional illustrator based in London, with a BA in Design Communication from Goldsmiths' College, University of London. Archita started her journey in the advertising industry in Singapore but soon after, her passion for children's illustrations took her to London. Her illustrations show a love for bright and happy colours. Archita usually works in traditional mediums, such as coloured pencils, sometimes crayons, and sketch pens. Archita is a city girl, drawing inspiration from the sights and sounds of London’s cobbled streets, curious parks, and bustling markets. She enjoys long walks as much as being indoors playing the piano. Her ideal weekend includes sipping on a coffee with a view of the river Thames and the sound of birds chirping. She believes the greatest gift she has received is her education, which led to her illustration career and working with some amazing clients such as Aww Magazine. Archita has recently completed illustrating two picture books with a few more in the oven.View Full Bio

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