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Arief Putra

Arief Putra

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I am a trained architect that fall in love with storytelling illustration. I was born in Borneo Island, Indonesia in 1984. I spend all my childhood living at the edge of a rainforest. I was trained and worked as an architect until 2 years ago, I saw Pascal Campion’s art and instantly fall in love with storytelling illustration, so I bought a drawing tablet and let myself get exposed to many great artist works and start practicing to become a better artist. Now I am a fulltime illustrator working in my home studio in Jogja City with my wife, my 7 years old son and expecting one more member soon. Two things that inspired me greatly in my art are family and nature. I made it my own personal mission to spread positivity, love, joy and compassion to human and nature through my artView Full Bio

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Here's to You! Thank you from Advocate Art SL

Nov 13 2020

Here's to You! We would like to take the opportunity to thank you! All our clients, artists and all