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Ayesha Lopez

Ayesha Lopez

I am quite free, I'd love to hear about your project.
Ayesha L. Rubio was born in Madrid, Spain, one cold afternoon in February in 1981. Like many other children, she loves drawing, but unfortunately for her family, any surface is an empty canvas for her… Her grandfather teaches her how to draw horses and to choose paper instead of furniture or walls, as a better material to draw on. Years later, she studies Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, and finishes her degree in Leeds, England. Later on she specialises in illustration in Serra I Abella's art school in Barcelona, and starts to work as an illustrator collaborating with national and international publishers. At the present she has two own books, published in national and international markets (and a third about to be launched), all of them translated into various languages. Her latest journey has led her to London, where she has started to explore the animation world, an art form she has always been in love with, and she wants to incorporate this discipline to her tool kit to develop her art a step further in her professional career. Ayesha currently lives in London, and feels fortunate to turn her passion into workView Full Bio

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