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Carolina Delavy Chagas

Carolina Delavy Chagas

I am busy for 5 months please book me in.
Carol is a Brazilian illustrator that started her artistic journey at the age of 5 by drawing her mom's kitchen over and over again. She studied graphic design at the Federal University of Santa Maria but has always been passionate about illustration and took this time to develop her style. She also passed by Dublin Institute of Technology during a sandwich graduation program when she traveled thought all around Europe and discovered many different cultures. She loves mixing up textures on her work, trying out new color schemes and drawing silly dogs! But above all, she hopes to inspire people all ages with bright and funny charactersView Full Bio

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Artist Feature - Carolina Delavy Chagas

Mar 26 2018

We are pleased to present that Brazilian children's book illustrator, Carolina Delavy Chagas has just joined our team of fabulous