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Caroline Romanet

Caroline Romanet

After graduating Emile Cohl Arts School in Lyon quite a while ago, Caroline Romanet became a 3D artist for a French Videogame Company. Although the job was interesting, she didn't enjoy herself that much and was feeling like a bird in a cage! She then thought she'd be happier trying to become a children book illustrator. Most fortunately, it worked ! A couple of years later, she had the craziest desire to become an « international » illustrator, especially to get published in the United Kingdom as she’s deeply attached to this country. She started to look for an illustrator agency and had the pleasure to be accepted by Advocate-art. Since then she has been working everywhere around the world. For a little time now, she has also been working under a pseudonym (Alice A. Morentorn) mostly on youngster’s novels, with ink and watercolor. She is now thinking of writing her own stories. Who knows, that could work too! She also teaches digital illustration and charcoal drawings at Emile Cohl's School of Arts in Lyon. View Full Bio

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Artist Feature - Caroline Romanet

Jan 29 2015

Caroline Romanet is our featured artist today and we'd like to share just a small sample of her beautifully painted