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Catherine Worsley

Catherine Worsley

I have some availability please ask my agent to double check.
Catherine lives and works in a village in Yorkshire, Saltaire is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a thriving creative community, Salts Mill is at it’s centre which is home to a lot of David Hockney originals, plus an amazing selection of cakes (!) and the best book shop in the World! All these things are huge sources of inspiration as is the beautiful countryside which surrounds it. A walk with her generally ends up taking much longer than expected as she is always on the look out for flowers to draw! Her favourite thing is putting on some music (which is a vital part of the process!) and playing with many mediums to create dynamic and textured designs. As soon as she was old enough to hold a crayon she spent her days drawing her pet hamsters, she dreamt of being a full time artist from being tiny so now feels extremely lucky to be doing what she lovesView Full Bio

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