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Cesar Samaniego

Cesar Samaniego

I have some availability please ask my agent to double check.
Cesar was born in Barcelona on 1975. He grew up smelling his father’s oils, reading his comic books and trying to paint over his illustrations (he was so happy to see the way he could improve his father’s work). But until he meet his wife he didn’t realize that he wanted to be an illustrator. So he went to Llotja Arts and crafts school and graduated with honors in 2010. Since then, he has published many books and app-books, worked in textbooks for schools and as a layout artist for animation. Also, with his wife they have their own children's clothes trademark. Now he lives in Canet de Mar, a small town on the coast of Barcelona with his wife, his daughter, five cats and a crazy dogView Full Bio

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Apr 12 2021

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