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Charlotte Pepper

Charlotte Pepper

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Charlotte grew up in sunny Staffordshire and spent much of her childhood drawing and painting, collaging and doodling (ruining a few good carpets in the process!) and there was never any question she wanted a career in design...or "colouring in" as her family like to call it! She studied Surface Pattern Design at Staffordshire University and has worked in the greetings card industry for 17 years, with many clients! While she occasionally still likes to get messy with paint and glue, she prefers to work in Photoshop these days, while trying to maintain a fluid, natural feel to her work. She loves textures and layering, but also strong linework and mark making. She’s often inspired by nature, whether there’s an amazing combination of colour, or an interesting perspective or composition. Other times she just has to put onto paper the bizarre and wonderful images that are in her head, because a little bit of crazy makes the world a nicer placeView Full Bio

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