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It is simply not enough to be a great artist agency with likeminded children’s book artists and Illustrators... 
That’s why our strategy at Advocate Art is to be an amazing resource for available children’s book content as well.
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Our strategy is to reinforce why clients come to us for children’s book work, stressing the fact that Advocate Artists are pre-vetted, diva-free and that the work is genuine and often available and ready to go. Plus the agents are here to help manage everything and be a fast resource for them!

We will update you with available work through all of our marketing over the year. For example, we will send postcards of Available Art, feature it separately on the site and of course, your agent will update you personally, one-one.

Each year, in May and November, portfolios aimed towards the children’s book industry are released. (Two portfolios aimed towards the art licensing industry are also released in March and September.)

Each release highlights the new, available work that our Artist has produced with art direction and feed back from us. This would be a great time to meet!

We also launch specific portfolios, including ‘Bright and Beautiful’ intended for mid-market styles, ‘Clever Clogs’ which is a non-fiction, new graphic novel portfolio and even one for ‘Colouring-In’ books.

To cover Licensing, we produce a Puzzle folio, Greeting’s Cards and Art Poster folios, among others.

How to choose children’s book illustrators, and how Advocate Art can help

The illustrations in a children’s book are just as important as the story itself, as children tend to gain just as much understanding and enjoyment from the pictures as they do the words. It's no surprise that finding and employing the right illustrator can be difficult. Thankfully, our experts at Advocate Art have put together a handy guide for choosing your children’s book illustrators, making the process quick and easy so that you can have your book published within a short time period.

Every story has a soul

As the author, you are the voice of your story, and as such, the illustrator you choose will act as the face of it. This means that the main messages of your book will be represented just as much through the illustrations as the words. When trying to find illustrators for publishing, it is important to gauge whether they will share the same vision for your book as you, to guarantee the book’s narrative and illustrations possess complete synergy. By connecting with an illustrator on a personal level, you can make sure they have the same passion and vision for the story. Advocate Art helps to facilitate this conversation flow, allowing both the writer and illustrator to quickly and easily synchronise on all projects, producing great quality art for your book.

Use trusted illustrators

With the mass communication afforded by the digital age and the internet, anyone can answer an advert posing as a freelance illustrator. There can be some difficulty in verifying their credentials and without proper checks you may find yourself working with someone who is less than professional. Equally, being over cautious might mean rejecting the best candidate and losing the opportunity to work with someone amazing. At Advocate Art we only work with vetted professional illustrators, establishing where their work has appeared before, the legitimacy of any work they have used as samples, and even analysing the ease of which you can work with them. This saves you huge amounts of time and effort and ensures that you choose from only the best quality artists to illustrate your children’s book.

Age appropriate illustrations

Tailoring your book’s narrative to a particular age group may be difficult for writers, and the same is true with illustrations; it takes a special set of skills to be able to capture the essence of a story in illustrations that will resonate with your target age group. Very young children are more attracted to simple images with bright colours, whereas older children prefer detailed drawings that mirror the story descriptions and capture their imagination. Our professional children’s book illustrators will be able to take your targeted age group and create great illustrations tailed specifically for them. By having illustrators for specific age groups, and categorising our artists’ work as such, we at Advocate Art can ensure that your illustrator can provide age-appropriate illustrations that your readers, and their parents, will love.

Enjoy the creative process

Creating a lovingly crafted children's book is a collaborative process, with huge amounts of effort and passion going into the project. Choosing the right illustrator can take time, and it is sensible to gain a large collection of samples from different artists before making a decision about the best one for your needs. Advocate Art publishes two portfolios a year in May and November, specifically targeted towards the children’s book industry. In addition, they will send you postcards of available art throughout the year, to ensure that you have as much information as possible before making your final choice.

Finding great art from great artists that match your specific needs is not as difficult as you might first think.
At Advocate Art we pride ourselves on connecting the best artists with writers so that your book can really come to life. For more information, please contact us!
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