Christos Skaltsas

Christos Skaltsas

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Christos Skaltsas was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and received his BFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts. He worked as a freelancer on animated films and TV series for several years, working in association with Sony pictures, Paramount pictures and many more. Over the past fifteen years, he has worked as a freelance illustrator for children’s books publishers, specializing in educational schoolbooks and pre-school activity books. As a result of his experience in animation, he can produce a wide range of styles, using dynamic poses, with a taste for film directing and mixing techniques. His inspirations include Alain Gree, Shag and the greatest (in Christos' opinion) story teller in animation, Hayao Miyazaki. In his free time, he loves playing with his son, collecting vinyl records and travelling around the worldView Full Bio

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