Michael Harvey Biography Nov 14 2011

Meet the artists

Advocate Art are very excited to announce another new artist to the team. Michael Harvey paints these beautiful harbour scenes using bold colours and shapes. They will look great in the Advocate gallery and we also think they will make fab posters and arty greeting cards for birthdays and thank you's. Read his biography below. "I was born into what can only be described as a bohemian environment in Hampstead, and quickly dispatched across London to Holland Park to stay with my great uncle Bernard Partridge KG, cartoonist, an artistic environment and one that eventually lead via a course in typography at the Central to advertising. As an art director at JWT, I was for years charged with the artistic endeavour of making sure that the population of the UK ate their ‘sunshine breakfast’ every morning. Way before the admirable mac, we had to draw continuity frames for TV storyboards and ads, plus layout type for hot metal setting. Having spent many years dedicated to fast moving consumer goods, I moved to equestrian painting, magnificent stallions like Troy, The Minstrel, and Shergar among many. This lead to a commission by the Royal Family of Dubai, to paint 4 of the Maktoum  family’s horses to be presented as a limited edition print to the their guests at Longchamp. The original hangs in the Palace in Dubai. Cornwall has become a cliché for the art establishment, the light, the unadulterated colour and texture, and true, if it stops raining for long enough you can spot these ethereal elements. Once all that has ‘soaked in’ you are still faced with that famous blank canvas, but with additional artistic endeavour from Marc Chagall, Alan Bennett, The Stones, Lee Ritnour, Gillian Welch, Randy Newman, Miles Davis, and importantly my miniature Schnautzer, Wizz, we will turn out a good painting in the studio today."