Michael Emmerson Biography Mar 01 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like to tell you a little bit more about Michael Emmerson. He has been with Advocate for a while and his illustrations, which are fun, bright and full of character, are very popular for childrens picture books. Look at more of Michael's work by visiting his portfolio on our website, or read on to learn more about the artist. I was born at an early age, circa 1974. I live in the leafy suburbs of Surbiton (near the big pile of leaves). Anything Jim Henson-y inspired me when I was a young’un,  and the Ha-Ha Bonk Book, which still provides me with excellent jokes in an emergency. I would describe my work as colourful and happy, a bit cartoony and slightly sweet, with a delicate parsley and butter sauce (serves 4). In my work I employ a good blend of hand-drawn and digital pencils and paints, mixed in with photo textures that I’ve collected on my Amazing Mystery-Solving adventures. I like to describe myself as totally absorbed, hard working and optimistic. Then I ask them to lend me money. I drew and created the jungle animal games, paper models & activities for Early Learning Centre’s ‘Big Birthday Club’, which kids get sent for each of their first five birthdays. I drew everything for Bezier Marketing’s identity rebrand, from letterheads and website graphics all the way up to lifesize drawings of coatstands, picture frames and flowers for their offices. What a busy morning that was. When I was five, I won the prestigious “Best Picture made from Dried Pasta” award. I was on the front of the Molesey News &Mail, you must have seen it? My favourite work is anything that our friends & family enjoy, and I really like the ‘Bring a Monster To School’ ones. They’re based on a true story. I am a massive videogamer and techno geek. There’s nothing I don’t know about I games. Maybe I should do Mastermind…go on, ask me something. I make records with occasional and limited releases, mostly classy electronic ditties. Some people say they sometimes sound like videogame soundtracks. But what do they know? My wife and I met when we worked in a video store, and both love films, but there’s too many favourites to name. So, let’s say Return Of The Jedi and Ferris Bueller's Day Off , and leave it at that.  Oh, and, The Great Muppet Caper.  My favourite books would be the novelisation of Star Wars, Ferris Buellers Day Off, and The Great Muppet Caper. I live in the suburbs, but I lived on a farm for a few years, whiling away the hours by chasing the cows, splashing through the mud, barking at intruders, and curling up in my kennel at the end of a day. Happy times… I used to work in a record shop and DJ, so I’ve acquired well over twelve albums in my life. I have an enormous appetite for any kind of music, but my all time favourite is the miniscule Artist-Currently-Known-As-Prince.