Amerigo Pinelli Biography Apr 03 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like to introduce Amerigo Pinelli. He is a very talented artist whose atmospheric illustrations would be prefect for  young fiction books! See more of Amerigo's work by visit his portfolio on our website, or read on to learn a little bit more about the artist. I live in the heart of Naples, among narrow streets and old churches. My mother handed down to me her love of drawing. Her old master, before he died, told her not to stop painting and she continued as long as she could. Now I keep that promise alive in my own way. Making a living from doing the thing I enjoy the most is a great gift, and I consider myself lucky. It is like playing for a living, and I like it! Working with digital painting is fine, although I always do a pencil drawing first.... sometimes I miss the feeling of getting my hands dirty with watercolors, tempera, acrylic or inks, so I prefer to use all the tools depending on the job. .. and mixing techniques is always fun! The thing I most love about my job is that I can always make it new, it is like cooking: you can always change ingredients and invent new recipes ... the important thing is that there is always a hot chilli!