Alfie Vernon Biography Apr 17 2012

Meet the artists

Advocate Art would like to introduce to you one of our new artists, Alfie Vernon. His eye catching repeat patterns would be perfect for greetings cards and other print products. Read on to learn more about Alfie or to see more of his work visit our website by clicking here. Alfie was born in Notting Hill in 1987 in the Summer of Love, now residing in sunny Brighton, in a regency flat overlooking the sea. His work desk is placed so he can see the sailing boats and clouds rolling by. As a child Alfie rebelled against equations and Algebra, and concentrated on the fine arts of painting and electric guitars . His drawings , inspired by impressionists, surrealists and  pop artists ended up on cards, stationery posters and tee shirts, in the shops and on passers –by… if they weren’t quick enough. Alfie sits at his desk as the waves crash in, listening to post rock , Art Punk, Electro and Indie Folk, while his cat ‘Chairman Meow’ follows the seagulls every move. Alfie’s obsession with music has led to collaborations with some major bands in the UK and USA…with trips to NYC and LA  meeting merch teams , studying graphic trends and print techniques, which is a serious obsession.