The Devil Walks Cover Illustrated by Paul Fisher Apr 18 2012

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The Devil Walks, written by Anne Fine with cover illustrations by Advocate artist Paul Fisher is a chilling and mysterious horror novel about a family's dark secrets. To see more of Paul's work click here to visit his online portfolio, and read on to find out more about the plot. You can get yourself a copy of The Devil Walks by clicking here. Since the day he was born, Daniel has been hidden away form the outside world. Told that he suffers from a mysterious illness, only a graceful knock at the door reveals just how many secrets his silent and reclusive mother has kept - and how many lies she has told. Yet Daniel cannot understand what she has tried to protect him from so desperately. Torn from his home, Daniel begins to piece together the chilling legacy of vicious cruelty and fiendish spite that has gripped his family for years.