Evi Gstottner Biography May 25 2012

Meet the artists

Evi Gstottner is a new artist here at Advocate. She specialises in children's picture book illustration. We love her mystical and atmospheric watercolour images and we are sure they are going to be very popular! Read on the learn more about Evi's background or visit the Advocate website to see more work in her portfolio. I am an illustrator and visual artist with a passion for picture books. In 2009 I graduated from the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with an MA in Children’s Book Illustrations. I was born and brought up in Austria surrounded by beautiful and dramatic landscapes and I still have an enduring fascination with mysterious castles and secret gardens. Some other things that inspire me are vintage ornaments, elaborate patterned papers and old delicate lace. For my picture book illustrations I mostly use watercolors. Recently I also started to experiment with other mediums like collage, acrylics and digital media. My work is very decorative and I like creating fine detailed pictures. I love stories that are magical and whimsical as well as those that have a slightly moral or educational touch to them. My aim as an artist is to create and illustrate stories that delight and not corrupt or deceive.